Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Resolving the warning "Incorrect @Resource annotation class definition - missing lookup attribute" thrown by embedded Glassfish 3.1

Running code in embedded Glassfish, where one uses the @Resource annotation, is quite a roller coaster. It is very typical to find the messages like the following, in the embedded Glassfish logs on running unit-tests deployed onto the embedded container from Glassfish: The solution to this is rather straightforward: one would need to add the Java EE 6 version of the @Resource annotation, instead of relying on the Java SE 6 provided class. Java EE 6 added the lookup attribute to the annotation. Quite obviously, annotation processing performed during execution of unit-tests in Java SE 6 would fail for this particular attribute, as the JDK simply lacks this new class. If you are running your tests using the Surefire plugin, you will need to configure the plugin to add the Java EE 6 jar containing the new class as an endorsed directory. Apparently, this is the approach adopted by Glassfish, where in the modules/endorsed directory under the Glassfish install root, is added as a Java endorsed library directory at startup. The same configuration, can be carried over to Surefire in the following manner: The org.glassfish:javax.annotation:3.1 dependency is from Glassfish 3.1.1 (build 12), and contains the Java EE 6 version of the Resource annotation. You may need to modify the version of this dependency, to suit your environment. Note, that the directory containing the dependency is located in the local Maven repository. Also, you could perform similar changes to other Maven plugins that require the location of the JAR as a Java endorsed library directory, during JVM startup.

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